In Massachusetts, An Overloaded Grid Stops The March Of Solar Energy

You’ve run the numbers on your new solar project. You expect a great ROI on your solar panels. But then, when you go to get the permits, you are told that the grid can only support an installation half the size of what you had scoped out, and, now, the numbers no longer make sense.  The Boston Globe recently reported that this is the reality for many in the state.

Massachusetts has long been a national leader in solar adoption, thanks in large part to an innovative incentive program that drove early developments. But now, it’s a different narrative: there’s very little room on the electric grid for new projects to connect.Hundreds of projects, totaling more than 400 megawatts, are being held up while the state and utilities determine how much additional electric infrastructure is needed and where, and who should pay for those upgrades.

Our antiquated grid is not set up to add capacity, not set up for reverse metering, not set up for even monitoring energy usage remotely.  This is quickly becoming a hindrance to the adoption of solar in Massachusetts and beyond.


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