Who We Are

Gadget Wisdom was founded in September of 2006. Why? To talk about Tech…about what we’re interested in. We started with our slogan…”Guide to a Tech-Savvy Lifestyle without Emptying Your Wallet,” which evolved to, “Living a Tech-Filled Lifestyle.” What does that mean to us? An outlet for our obsessions in tech.

We want to be eco-friendly. We don’t always succeed, but we are willing to invest money and time trying to use less and be more efficient. Simplicity is a surprisingly superior goal to complexity.

We have issues with Microsoft and Apple. The same reasons, in fact. We admire some of what they do, but a company with so much control and a desire to restrict the user to maintain it does get our skepticism. So, you will see a focus on free and open-source options, which is not only economical, but allows the user to contribute to the process. We primarily use Fedora Linux, but do touch on other Linux distributions.

All of this puts us in a unique position and perspective, one we hope you’ll enjoy. We try to provide a clear and consistent voice amidst the many tech pundits out there.

The name Gadget Wisdom came because of availability. Simply, it was available, it is distinctive, and it allows for a lot of freedom.


The FTC requires all bloggers to disclose any gifts or perks they’ve received from outside sources. If such a gift is received, we will disclose it. We eagerly await someone offering us one. Any takers? A review unit would be nice.

Any thoughts expressed are our own, and, except as noted or attributed, are not those of any other organization/corporation/etc.

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